Partnering with Founders from early-stage to scale, providing the resources and conviction to succeed.
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Disrupt.com is a venture builder that partners with ambitious entrepreneurs to ignite growth and innovation in their businesses. With a focus on transformative technologies and innovative business models, Disrupt.com provides more than just financial backing.

The Group typically partners with founders at a very early stage, helping them achieve product-market fit and power through the first point of the scale. Disrupt.com brings in capital and counsel, but more importantly, the Group brings its conviction.

Its unique approach includes strategic guidance, operational expertise, and a network of industry experts, providing startups and businesses with the resources necessary to achieve success.

By solving the tech needs of our customers, we can already feel our impact on the world. Today, our business units are growing at a high velocity and accelerating towards exponential growth.

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We strive towards making internet security and privacy possible and accessible for all internet users across the globe.

Managed Cloud

Through our cutting-edge cloud hosting platforms, we are revolutionizing web hosting and application development for businesses.

In a historic moment, Digital Ocean Holdings Inc., acquired CLOUDWAYS for $350 MILLION.


We believe in creating unique experiences for our customers by changing the dynamics of their everyday living.


With quality, comfort, and style infused together, our products are redefining fashion retail.


We're working with hand-picked businesses as their growth partner by targeting the right customers to make informed decisions.


We’re working actively to rove the deep spaces of the cryptos industry to build easy-to-navigate investment platforms and resources.


We’re deeply invested in building startups and enabling new ventures to grow and reach their maximum potential.

Uzair Gadit

Founding Partner at Disrupt.com, Co-founder and CEO at Secure.com and PureSquare

Aaqib Gadit

Founding Partner at Disrupt.com, Co-founder, and CEO at Cloudways, and CRO at Digital Ocean.

Umair Gadit

Founding Partner at Disrupt.com, Co-founder and CEO at Savyour

Inam ur Rahman

Group President at Disrupt.com

Imran Sayeed

Group Advisor at Disrupt.com

Sajjad Khan

Group Advisor at Disrupt.com

Mir Amir

Advisor at Savyour & Cloudways

Burak Sevilengul

Group Advisor at PureSquare

Wajdan Gul

Co-founder and CEO at Squatwolf

Masab Gadit

Senior Partner at Disrupt.com, Founder and CEO at webAffinity

Saad Gadit

Partner at Disrupt.com, Co-founder and CPO at Savyour

Anam Khalid

Co-founder and CPO at Squatwolf

David Rodriguez

Co-Founder and CMO at Zignaly

Bartolome R. Bordallo

Co-Founder and CEO at Zignaly

Abdul Rafay Gadit

Partner at Disrupt.com, Co-founder and CFO at Zignaly

Arqam Gadit

Senior Partner at Disrupt.com, and CPO at PureSquare


We are creating a new future, one day at a time. Let us help you do the same.


We are constantly on the hunt for the best and brightest minds to collaborate with us.